Combat Operational Stress


Combat Operational Stress – the sum of the physical and emotional stressors experienced due to combat or extended operations

Combat/Operational Stress Reaction (COSR) – broad group of physical, mental and emotional signs that result from combat/operation stress

Combat/Operational Stress Reaction Casualty –Soldier who is combat ineffective due to COSR

Battle Fatigue – Broad group of physical, mental and emotional signs that result from COS.


Types of Stress in Combat

Physical/psychological strain

Fear/anxiety (of pain, mutilation, death)

Fear of failure, disgrace, shame

Grief, rage

Ethical dilemmas and limitations

Moral injuries

Excessive self-blame and guilt

Internal conflicts

Boredom, restriction, loss of privacy

民彩网官网 front worries, concerns and disappointments



Combat Stress Signs and Symptoms

Combating Combat Stress Article

Disaster, Distress, and Distress: Resources to Promote Psychological Health and Resilience in Military and Civilian Communities
A Compilation of Fact Sheets for Healthcare Providers and Families from the Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress Uniformed 民彩网平台 University
Edited by: James E. McCarroll, PhD, MPH, Nancy T. Vineburgh, MA, and Robert J Ursano, MD

After the Battle: Violence and the Warrior
by Bret A. Moore, C. Alan Hopewell, and Dave Grossman

This mini-brochure provides tips and resources for active-duty service members to use for coping with psychological health concerns. Free and confidential tools highlighted in the brochure include the DCoE Outreach Center and Live Chat feature, as well as the inTransition program where warriors can connect with a personal coach during periods of transition.